About Us

Vega Food Industry Incorporated Company is being in service on pastries with chocolate, sugar and flour, and also a industrial institution that producing chocolate and chocolate covered products, sugary and chocolate drages with toys, and creams with cacao and hazelnut, and sugary product groups.
Vega Food Industry is providing its continuity at the factory in Istanbul Omerli which has 8500 m2 area and its 6000 m2 is indoor area.
Vega Food Industry adds the quality of the raw materials, the effort of the employees and their enthusiasm to the products.
Vega Food Industry continues working on transmit the variety developing products to more people, and moving along on this sector with right investments.
Our aim is to offer our customers more qualified and much more low-priced products, to provide our products to be reached at all the trading posts, and to provide better services than our competitors.
Chocolate creates little happinesses, it connects us to life.

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